We must not hasten the pleasure of love but gradually prolong it with slow delay. (Ovid)

The journey we offer in our stores is designed to stimulate the curiosity and the desire for exploration and discovery that are the pillars of the human soul. Our proposal composition is the result of a constant research that has as its sole objective the achievement of Pleasure through sensory stimulation, so here comes the alcoholic Gelatococktail for an intriguing Aperitif moment or for a different After Dinner. The line is composed from the main alcoholic cocktails reinvented in ice cream style, from GinAndTonic to Mojito through the Piña Colada, all the most famous are here. After the Gelatococktail we have introduced the multi-sensorial compositions that combine the cold and velvet of ice cream with alcoholic jelly consistencies and the crunchy surprise of cereals. Worth a try the coconut ice cream with pineapple and rum jelly plus puffed rice. We have divided the trip into three distinct types: the BASIC, composed of classic flavors declined in their qualitative excellence. One can discover, for example, that a simple nutty taste can be an unexpected experience full of exotic notes. The GOURMET typology takes inspiration from the creations of the great Gelato Masters and there are proposals such as ” White Peach and Verdicchio”, “Lime, fennel and pink pepper” or ” Raspberries and Ripasso di Amarone” or “dark, amaretto and peach” . The last category is the SPECIAL GOURMET, new and intriguing recipes that often lead to exploring the limits. In this category can be found the “Parmigiano Reggiano with pears and acacia honey”, the “orange, rose water and ginger sorbet” or the exotic “argan oil, honey and almond paste”. To the previous types is added the innovative Gelato On Demand, a neutral line completely customizable at the moment whose only limit is the customer’s imagination (and the products availability). Note: All our suppliers of raw materials and technologies are Italian and represent excellence recognized throughout the world.