Open a shop

Nothing would be more tiring than eating and drinking if God, in addition to being a necessity, had not made it a pleasure. (Voltaire)

If you like our passion and our vision, if you are the kind of person who loves challenges and doesn’t settle for nothing less than great dreams, so you are our perfect partner. To open an “Il Gelato & Co” Store you don’t have to be an ice cream expert or a business man with decades of experience, but you have to be a reliable, creative person, with a spirit of initiative and willing to put you on the line. We will take care of the rest. The concept is born already complete in order to be started quickly and simply. We will support you for training. If you decide to open an “Il Gelato & Co” store we will provide you with: – A line of furniture consisting of service counters, low and high tables, stools and chairs by Italian companies with an innovative design. – All the technologies for the production and service of artisan ice cream able to enhance those who are already gelato masters and to allow excellent ice cream production for those who have only eaten ice cream. – Technologies for the innovative “On demand” ice cream. – All accessories and service furnishings handcrafted in Italy. – The cones produced by one of the best and most innovative Italian companies – The designer cups – The takeaway line with innovative design. – The coordinated images – All the innovative recipes for the complete proposal of ice cream, sorbets, gelato cocktails, smoothies, alcoholic gelato. – The whole range of products for production, of the highest quality and all strictly Italian. In addition to the above we will help you develop a specific business plan for your area that will also consider the possibility of opening or selling the opening of corner stores thanks to your exclusive area. Ask us more.